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6 month old kitten with gum problems

Passed tests - biochemistry and a panel of chemical elements - tests even into FeLV, FIV (Elisa) are negative. The cat didn't get sick and that's it.

Discussion of user problems in social networks:

N: They will tell you now ... in cats, molars-premolars change the process for a long time, from 6 to 10 months, it can take several months. And yes, the gums during this period become very inflamed, swell. It is impossible to diagnose lymphocytic-plasmacytic stomatitis-gingivitis at this age!!!! Until a complete change of teeth. And certainly do not listen to illiterate veterinarians and are in a hurry to remove teeth. For many, everything goes away on its own. If you are worried about inflammation, heavy eating, you can treat the gums symptomatically. mass sensors - vinylin, spray or gel nibbler, Metrogil denta, etc.

L: Antibiotic and metrogildenta to help youE: Stomorgyl 10, 10 days per tablet. Gel Dentavidin. Metrogil is very sharp, causes strong salivation. If it does not prevent the cat from eating, observe.

A: I have tried a lot of ointments, sprays and antibiotics to treat such Gums. The result is only during treatment and a short time after. Then she spat and the animal lived with it for several years. Recently I looked into my mouth .... and there everything is simply gorgeous with natural luxury pieces. Entire illnesses and heads of Desna returned to normal within a year.

E: Sinulox days 10 - 14, smear the gums with stomodin paste and prophylactic meloxoral for a week to apply

B: Stomorgyl + external treatment with stomadine. But such a gum may not return to normal, then these red rollers are cut off if, according to the pictures, the teeth do not enter their intake at rest.

Q: Calcevirosis causes such complications on the gums. But content tests are far from all strains.M: We had something like that in our kennel. After the transition to a completely natural diet, the bone reaction necessarily disappeared in about six months. But the graduates sitting on the stern were less fortunate, they removed the overgrown part of the gum.

A: Stomorgyl, chlohexidine gum treatment, oak bark + chamomile + lapukh root. If you are too lazy to look in the Russian Federation, ready-made solutions are sold. Processing Vinilin (active in-in POLYVINOX) The course of fats "with" Hemobalances. Well, natural. You can try. There are no guarantees.

K: We see and see lymphocytic-plasmacytic gingivostamatitis. We treat him. This is an overreaction of the immune system to an agent that is still there or gone. The causative agent is viral (calici, leukemia, Vick, papillomavirus), fungi, bacteria. Local treatment with common drugs, therefore it is better, because it takes a long time, be sure to take a seeding tank to see what lives there and defeat it with an antibiotic. Especially if there is a fungal infection. Then only external processing. And be sure to brush your teeth daily. Dex as a last resort. Extracting healthy teeth because veterinarians don't know how to calm the immune system, I've always had an extremely weird natural question.

S: In Italy, we have such a preparation, gel stomodin. I personally cured the cat, I was prescribed by an Italian veterinarian.

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