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Ringworm on the withers of cat

PROBLEM: A one-year-old Maine Coon cat had a bald spot yesterday, wet at the withers. Today it got a little bigger. We are away, we will be at home in 2-3 days and of course we will take him to the clinic for an examination. Domestic cat, neuter. Moved into the apartment after renovation. What is an allergy? Lichen? 2-3 days endure?


E: It's dermatitis. Gently wash with chlorhexedine and the antibiotic sinulox 2 times a day, be sure to take it to the veterinarian she licked them... Gloom... Almost 2 years in the collar and for different doctors... Then they found THE SAME doctor - 1 cortisone injection and Hill's ZD diet. And as it happened!

Q: It could be anything. Streptoderma for example. Can only be washed with chlorhexidine

A: The simplest thing is a solution of fucarcin. It relieves inflammation, itching, and dries the wound.

L: We were looking for a veterinarian and a solution for a long time. It helped: we washed it with hydrogen peroxide and covered it with streptocide. It passed, and quickly.

N: food allergy

L: Not an allergy, they brought this infection on shoes, from the yard, from yard cats. At first, one small wound, then it began to scatter over the skin, then endless consultations, examinations, then they themselves began to wipe it with hydrogen peroxide, plus they covered it with streptocide. It passed and did not return , my shoes, and put in a legend where the cat does not climb.

E: Lichen looks different. A round spot, flaky, and a bright edging, similar to a roller, will be clearly visible along the edge. It appears from the fact that the mycelium of the fungus (microsporia, lichen), spreading in breadth on the skin, grows into healthy tissues and looks like a roller. And this is very similar to an allergy, but it is strange that it is at the withers. Maybe from the leash (if you wear it) chafing appeared and got an infection.

A: My cat had such crap, five months of torment, they didn’t treat it with anything, a lot of consultations from veterinary doctors, they settled on such treatment, 21 days of antibiotic and prednisolone, that’s how everything is normal for a month, but I still give prednisolone every five days: 2 days won't do anything. The main thing is not to smear or process anything before going to the doctor! It can be anything from allergies to lichen.

A: Wet eczema, reaction to stress. Streptocid was recommended above. Or Gentaxan.

A: Today we went to the doctor. For two days the sore was covered with a yellowish crust. He illuminated the yellow-green color of this sore with a lamp. The fungus says. Treatment treatment with chlorhexidine and dermazol cream. Vakderm 4 times. The cat is now licking this cream, licked it so that it bled. She wore a collar. My poor lies sad, walks barely hitting him. How fast does it go? 10-14 days treatment and 10 days booster vaccine. What else can be done? Or enough of this treatment? maybe it's better to bandage and remove the collar? Very sorry for our cat

NB: don't inject wakderm! Idiot doctor. the crusts have the right to glow yellow-green, but if the hairs of the wool glow, then this is lichen. Hand over crops, only in normal clinic. Wakderm was treated in the last century. If lichen shows, there is a gentle treatment. Often there is such a picture from flea and midge bites - this is an allergy to bites. This summer is just awful. Hand over the sowing. I have 2 cats that give such crusts - an allergy from flea bites. and the doctor looks under a microscope, if there are no mushrooms, then this is precisely an allergy to bites.


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