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Vaginal Discharge in Cats

Discussion of the problem by users in social networks:

A: It happened quite recently. She grabbed a pregnant cat and rushed to the ultrasound, preparing for the worst. As a result, everything is fine, the uterus is clean, the kitten is alive, she still walked for two weeks. The discharge was white-gray and odorless. The doctor said that this is a peeling of the protective film, something like that ... But you need to see a doctor for sure in order to eliminate all risks.

N: This is pyometra, inflammation of the uterus, you need to operate, otherwise the cat will die. Urgently see a doctor!!!

L: It was so quick for me to see a doctor there to operate on an inflammation of the uterus.

M: If the cat is pregnant and the due date is close, then this is a traffic jam .. or, for example, before the birth, it happens that an empty fetal bladder comes out that almost dissolved .. I have one cat systematically gave out such a daub before the birth. When I did an ultrasound before giving birth, everything became clear. She becomes pregnant with 3 kittens and one empty amniotic sac, and it comes out in this form, It dissolves but not completely .... just such residual discharge remains.

E: Yesterday I had an ultrasound with the same one. As a result, we were told that there was nothing to worry about, the cat is all right, this is a discharge from the bladder. Clot... but my cat is not pregnant. And of course, only ultrasound and urinalysis ... we were prescribed painkillers for 3 days, something for spasms and we are waiting for a urinalysis to understand whether an antibiotic is needed. Therefore, this is not a pyometra and not a detachment of something in our case. Because only the veterinarian.

K: That discharge from the bladder is not quite right. Understand thoroughly. Salt or inflammation in the bladder is a threat to the kidneys too.Yu: What is the gestational age, approximately? If small, then most likely it is a pyrometer, and not pregnancy. It is necessary to show the cat to the veterinarian as soon as possible, to do an ultrasound. If it's time to give birth, then the norm, then this is a traffic jam.

Zh: most likely it is a cork, (this is the norm during pregnancy), if the cat feels good, eats, then you should not worry, wait for the kittens.

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